Latest-generation mattresses

When we talk about sleep, we don’t beat about the bush

Sema, with over sixty years in the business, is committed to quality, with latest-generation technology that ensures maximum comfort at the best price.


Latest-generation mattresses

The first to introduce spring mattresses in Spain in the 1940s. Always seeking the best sleep, at Sema we have a new line of products that combine design, comfort, technology and the experience of a job well done.

Continuous coil

Pocket springs

No springs



Every mattress needs a good pillow and at Sema we work with the latest technology to ensure you get your rest. We have viscoelastic and fibre pillows for comfort at the best price.

Fibre and viscoelastic pillows


adapted to your needs

Sleep is an increasingly valued commodity for quality of life. At Sema we want you to enjoy the latest-generation technology that best fits your needs.

Sema mattresses are...

– Design, technology and comfort for you.

– Continuous coil technology for maximum firmness.

– Only B.A.T. dust-mite treatments

– First brand selling spring mattresses in Spain.

– Over sixty years ensuring you get your rest.