Sema history

Millions of people said Sema and fell asleep. Since 1939, Sema has been a sleep specialist. The first brand in Spain with over sixty years of success in the business, today Sema unites tradition and experience backed by a highly qualified team.

The first to introduce spring mattresses on the Spanish market in the 1940s, we work every day to bring customers the best quality, with latest-generation technology that ensures maximum comfort.

In the 1960s, the company was a leader in sales with its famous slogan “Dijo sema y se durmió, y como nuevo despertó” (He said Sema and fell asleep, and woke up refreshed). Years later, in the 1980s, the company became an employee-run cooperative until it joined the Pikolin Group in 2004. In 2014, after 75 years on the market, Sema presented a clear alternative as one of three Spanish brands to offer continuous coil technology and B.A.T., the only permanent dust-mite treatment.

Sleep is an increasingly valued commodity for quality of life. More and more people are concerned about staying healthy, and sleep is an essential part of that. Always seeking the best rest, at Sema we strive to offer products that combine design, comfort, technology and the experience of a job done well, so that many more people will say Sema and fall asleep, too.


Now, Sema is committed to research to continue growing and fostering its brand values: promoting the best sleep with maximum firmness and the latest technology.